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For those looking for a quick start, Ross McFarland has written an Introduction to GUI Programming with Gtk2-Perl. We also have some of the example programs from the source distribution.

gtk2-perl tries to be perlish, so as to be comfortable and familiar for perl programmers; but it also tries to stick very close to the C API, so that any reference material, tutorials, example code, or programming experience you have with Gtk+ in any language can still be useful.

So, the C API reference documentation at will be very useful even when developing in gtk2-perl; use it in conjuction with the guidelines for translating the C API to Perl as described in Gtk2::api.

Updated documentation

If all else fails, and you feel the need to cry for help, discuss gtk2-perl with the authors on the gtk-perl mailing list. You can search the list archives at markmail or on gtk-perl list archives.

There are links to several tutorials for other programming languages on the links page.

Gtk3 Tutorials

Gtk2 Tutorials

  • Gtk2-Perl Study Guide by Dirk van der Walt. Note: This study guide used to be hosted at Novell's developer website, but went offline around October 2010. This is a local copy of the study guide, hosted by the Gtk2-Perl project. You can download the sample programs in their own tarball, or you can download the full HTML study guide with samples/optional scripts for offline viewing:
  • English Gtk2-Perl Tutorial (alpha version)
  • French Gtk2-Perl Tutorial by Patrice Le-Borgne.
  • Subclassing Widgets In Perl - A quick tutorial on creating your own widgets and objects with pure Perl code.
  • Unicode A general tutorial/presentation including information about unicode character encodings, Dov Grobgeld
  • Binding Developers

    Things to help in creating bindings for lib- or GObject-based libraries:

    Older/deprecated tutorials and documentation