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gtk2-perl tries to be perlish, so as to be comfortable and familiar for perl programmers; but it also tries to stick very close to the C API, so that any reference material, tutorials, example code, or programming experience you have with Gtk+ in any language can still be useful.

So, the C API reference documentation at will be very useful even when developing in gtk2-perl; use it in conjuction with the guidelines for translating the C API to Perl as described in Gtk2::api.

Gtk3 documentation

Documentation for the Gtk3 module and it's dependencies can be viewed via the perli11ndoc tool that is installed with the Gtk3 Perl module. The perli11ndoc tool will also show documentation for any other introspectable GTK+ modules that are installed on your system. You can find out more about Introspection in Gtk-Perl in the Gtk-Perl Introspection page.

Run the perli11ndoc tool by calling it in the shell once the Gtk3 Perl module is installed on your system.

Gtk3 Tutorials

Gtk2 documentation

Documentation for the Gtk2 module is available via the perldoc utility once the Gtk2 module is installed. You can also view copies of the documentation in your browser below;

If all else fails, and you feel the need to cry for help, discuss gtk2-perl with the authors on the gtk-perl mailing list. You can search the list archives at markmail or on gtk-perl list archives.

There are links to several tutorials for other programming languages on the links page.

Gtk2 Tutorials

Binding Developers

Things to help in creating bindings for lib- or GObject-based libraries:

Older/deprecated tutorials and documentation