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Glib::ParamSpec encapsulates the metadata required to specify parameters. You will see these most often when creating new Glib::Object types; see Glib::Type->register and Glib::Object::Subclass.

Parameter specifications allow you to provide limits for validation as well as nicknames and blurbs to document the parameters. Blurbs show up in reference documentation such as this page or the gtk+ C API reference; i'm not really sure where the nicknames get used. The Perl bindings for the most part ignore the difference between dashes and underscores in the paramspec names, which typically find use as the actual keys for object parameters.

It's worth noting that Glib offers various sizes of integer and floating point values, while Perl really only deals with full integers and double precision floating point values. The size distinction is important for the underlying C libraries.




paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->IV ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->UV ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

string = $pspec->get_blurb

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->boolean ($name, $nick, $blurb, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->boxed ($name, $nick, $blurb, $package, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->char ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->double ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->enum ($name, $nick, $blurb, $enum_type, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->flags ($name, $nick, $blurb, $flags_type, $default_value, $flags)

paramflags = $pspec->get_flags

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->float ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->int ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->int64 ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->long ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

string = $paramspec->get_name

Dashes in the name are converted to underscores.

string = $pspec->get_nick

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->object ($name, $nick, $blurb, $package, $flags)

string = $pspec->get_owner_type

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->param_spec ($name, $nick, $blurb, $package, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->scalar ($name, $nick, $blurb, $flags)

ParamSpec to be used for any generic perl scalar, including references to complex objects.

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->string ($name, $nick, $blurb, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->uchar ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->uint ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->uint64 ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->ulong ($name, $nick, $blurb, $minimum, $maximum, $default_value, $flags)

paramspec = Glib::ParamSpec->unichar ($name, $nick, $blurb, $default_value, $flags)

string = $pspec->get_value_type

bool = $paramspec->value_validate ($value)

(bool, newval) = $paramspec->value_validate ($value)

In scalar context return true if $value must be modified to be valid for $paramspec, or false if it's valid already. In array context return also a new value which is $value made valid.

$value must be the right type for $paramspec (with usual stringizing, numizing, etc). value_validate checks the further restrictions such as minimum and maximum for a numeric type or allowed characters in a string. The "made valid" return is then for instance clamped to the min/max, or offending chars replaced by a substitutor.

integer = $pspec->values_cmp ($value1, $value2)

Compares value1 with value2 according to pspec, and returns -1, 0 or +1, if value1 is found to be less than, equal to or greater than value2, respectively.


flags Glib::ParamFlags




Copyright (C) 2003-2009 by the gtk2-perl team.

This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Glib for a full notice.

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