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window = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->new ($parent, $attributes_ref)

Create and return a new window. parent can be undef to mean the root window of the default screen. attributes_ref is a hashref containing some of the following keys,

    title              string
    event_mask         Gtk2::Gdk::EventMask flags
    x                  integer
    y                  integer
    width              integer
    height             integer
    wclass             Gtk2::Gdk::WindowClass enum
    visual             Gtk2::Gdk::Visual
    colormap           Gtk2::Gdk::Colormap
    window_type        Gtk2::Gdk::WindowType enum
    cursor             Gtk2::Gdk::Cursor
    wmclass_name       string
    wmclass_class      string
    override_redirect  boolean (integer 0 or 1)

window_type is mandatory because it defaults to "root" but of course it's not possible to create a new root window. The other fields get default values zero, empty, unset, etc.

    my $win = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->new
                (undef, { window_type => 'toplevel,
                          wclass => 'GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT',
                          x => 0,
                          y => 0,
                          width => 200,
                          height => 100 });

Incidentally, the nicknames for wclass Gtk2::Gdk::WindowClass really are "output" for input-output and "only" for input-only. Those names are a bit odd, but that's what Gtk has. You can, as for any enum, give the full names like "GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT" if desired, for some clarity.

$window->set_accept_focus ($accept_focus)

Since: gtk+ 2.4

(window, win_x, win_y) = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->at_pointer

Returns window, a Gtk2::Gdk::Window and win_x and win_y, integers.

$window->set_back_pixmap ($pixmap, $parent_relative=0)

$window->set_background ($color)


Since: gtk+ 2.12

$window->begin_move_drag ($button, $root_x, $root_y, $timestamp)

$window->begin_paint_rect ($rectangle)

$window->begin_paint_region ($region)

$window->begin_resize_drag ($edge, $button, $root_x, $root_y, $timestamp)


Since: gtk+ 2.10


list = $window->get_children

Returns the list of children (Gtk2::Gdk::Window's) known to gdk.


$window->clear_area ($x, $y, $width, $height)

$window->clear_area_e ($x, $y, $width, $height)

$window->set_composited ($composited)

Since: gtk+ 2.12


Since: gtk+ 2.6

$window->set_cursor ($cursor)

Gtk2::Gdk::Window->set_debug_updates ($enable)

$window->set_debug_updates ($enable)

list = $window->get_decorations

$window->set_decorations ($decorations)




Since: gtk+ 2.6


eventmask = $window->get_events

$window->set_events ($event_mask)

$window->focus ($timestamp)

$window->set_focus_on_map ($focus_on_map)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

window = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->foreign_new ($anid)

window = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->foreign_new_for_display ($display, $anid)

Since: gtk+ 2.2

rectangle = $window->get_frame_extents



Since: gtk+ 2.2

$window->set_functions ($functions)


(x, y, width, height, depth) = $window->get_geometry

$window->set_geometry_hints ($geometry)

$window->set_geometry_hints ($geometry, $geom_mask)

$geometry is either a Gtk2::Gdk::Geometry object, or a hashref with the following keys and values,

    min_width     integer \ 'min-size' mask
    min_height    integer /
    max_width     integer \ 'max-size' mask
    max_height    integer /
    base_width    integer \ 'base-size' mask
    base_height   integer /
    width_inc     integer \ 'resize-inc' mask
    height_inc    integer /
    min_aspect    float   \ 'aspect' mask
    max_aspect    float   /
    win_gravity   Gtk2::Gdk::Gravity enum, 'win-gravity' mask

Optional $geom_mask is which fields of $geometry are used. If $geometry is a hashref then $geom_mask defaults to the keys supplied in the hash, so for example

    $win->set_geometry_hints ({ min_width => 20, min_height => 10});

If $geometry is a Gtk2::Gdk::Geometry object then you must give $geom_mask explicitly.

The 'pos', 'user-pos' and 'user-size' flags in $geom_mask have no data fields, so cannot be inferred from a $geometry hashref. If you want those flags you must pass $geom_mask explicitly.

window = $window->get_group

Since: gtk+ 2.4

$window->set_group ($leader)


$window->set_icon_list (...)

$window->set_icon_name ($name)

$window->set_icon ($icon_window, $pixmap, $mask)


$window->input_shape_combine_mask ($mask, $x, $y)

Since: gtk+ 2.10

$window->input_shape_combine_region ($shape, $offset_x, $offset_y)

Since: gtk+ 2.10

list = $window->get_internal_paint_info

$window->invalidate_maybe_recurse ($region, $func, $data=undef)

$window->invalidate_rect ($rectangle, $invalidate_children)

$window->invalidate_region ($region, $invalidate_children)

boolean = $window->is_viewable

boolean = $window->is_visible

$window->set_keep_above ($setting)

Since: gtk+ 2.4

$window->set_keep_below ($setting)

Since: gtk+ 2.4

window = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->lookup ($anid)

window = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->lookup_for_display ($display, $anid)

Since: gtk+ 2.2




Since: gtk+ 2.10


$window->set_modal_hint ($modal)

$window->move ($x, $y)

$window->move_region ($region, $dx, $dy)

Since: gtk+ 2.8

$window->move_resize ($x, $y, $width, $height)


Since: gtk+ 2.8

(x, y) = $window->get_origin

$window->set_override_redirect ($override_redirect)

window = $window->get_parent

list = $window->peek_children

An alias for get_children

(window_at_pointer, x, y, mask) = $window->get_pointer

Returns window_at_pointer, a Gtk2::Gdk::Window or undef, x and y, integers, and mask, a Gtk2::Gdk::ModifierType.

(x, y) = $window->get_position



$window->process_updates ($update_children)

$window->property_change ($property, $type, $format, $mode, ...)

Depending on the value of format, the property value(s) can be:

  |      format        |                value               |
  | Gtk2::Gdk::CHARS   | a string                           |
  | Gtk2::Gdk::USHORTS | one or more unsigned short numbers |
  | Gtk2::Gdk::ULONGS  | one or more unsigned long numbers  |

$window->property_delete ($property)

(property_type, format, data) = $window->property_get ($property, $type, $offset, $length, $pdelete)

See property_change for an explanation of the meaning of format.



$window->reparent ($new_parent, $x, $y)

$window->resize ($width, $height)

$window->set_role ($role)

(x, y) = $window->get_root_origin

$window->scroll ($dx, $dy)

$window->shape_combine_mask ($mask, $x, $y)

$window->shape_combine_region ($shape_region, $offset_x, $offset_y)



$window->set_skip_pager_hint ($skips_pager)

Since: gtk+ 2.2

$window->set_skip_taskbar_hint ($skips_taskbar)

Since: gtk+ 2.2

$window->set_startup_id ($startup_id)

Since: gtk+ 2.12

windowstate = $window->get_state

boolean = $window->set_static_gravities ($use_static)



$window->set_title ($title)

window = $window->get_toplevel

list = Gtk2::Gdk::Window->get_toplevels

Returns a list of top level windows (Gtk2::Gdk::Window's) known to gdk, on the default screen. A toplevel window is a child of the root window.

$window->set_transient_for ($parent)

windowtypehint = $window->get_type_hint

Since: gtk+ 2.10

$window->set_type_hint ($hint)


Since: gtk+ 2.2



region or undef = $window->get_update_area

$window->set_urgency_hint ($urgent)

Since: gtk+ 2.8

unsigned = $window->get_user_data

$window->set_user_data ($user_data)

$window->set_user_time ($timestamp)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

windowtype = $window->get_window_type



flags Gtk2::Gdk::EventMask

enum Gtk2::Gdk::PropMode

flags Gtk2::Gdk::WMDecoration

flags Gtk2::Gdk::WMFunction

enum Gtk2::Gdk::WindowEdge

flags Gtk2::Gdk::WindowHints

flags Gtk2::Gdk::WindowState

enum Gtk2::Gdk::WindowType

enum Gtk2::Gdk::WindowTypeHint


Gtk2, Glib::Object, Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable


Copyright (C) 2003-2008 by the gtk2-perl team.

This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Gtk2 for a full notice.

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