26 sep 03, muppetman: the third release candidates for Glib and Gtk2 1.00 are up on the sourceforge Project Page. the Gnome2 module also made it to 0.36, thanks to Torsten's vigilence.

19 sep 03, muppetman: the second release candidates for Glib and Gtk2 1.00 are now available from the sourceforge Project Page. As part of this release we finally got around to breaking Glib::PkgConfig out into ExtUtils::PkgConfig; you'll need that new module to build the others from source. Binaries are RedHat 8 are provided.
In other news, Emmanuele is working on bindings for bindings for GConf.

14 sep 03, muppetman: binaries are available from the sourceforge page for red hat 8, red hat 9, and debian unstable.

12 sep 03, muppetman: announcing the first release candidates for Glib and Gtk2 1.00! grab 'em from the sourceforge downloads page and tell us if you find any bugs!

05 sep 03, muppetman: another week, another round of releases: Glib 0.97 routes g_log messages through perl (so gtk warnings report the relevant line of the perl code :) Gtk2 0.97 implements more drag and drop functions; Gnome2 0.34 adds GnomePopupMenu support; and Gnome2::Canvas 0.30 makes some cosmetic code updates. the API freeze is imminent, so grab these releases and check out the TODO lists.

29 aug 03, muppetman: this week's beta release, 0.96, includes minor enhancements to Gtk2, but a major bugfix to Glib -- Glib now includes facilities to handle perl exceptions in callbacks in ways other than segfaulting.

27 aug 03, muppetman: gettin' the word out --- check out the new Links section for links to programs using gtk2-perl.

22 aug 03, muppetman: shiny new releases Glib-0.95, Gtk2-0.95, and Gnome2-0.32 are now available on the the project page. there's also a new FAQ, which will in time grow to bursting with the frequently asked questions and answers from the gtk-perl mailing list. in other big news, Emmanuele Bassi has contributed a set of bindings for libgnomeprint-2.2 and libgnomeprintui-2.2; the first release, Gnome2::Print-0.5, is available now.

15 aug 03, muppetman: new beta releases Glib-0.94, Gtk2-0.94, and Gtk2-GladeXML-0.90, now available on the the project page. i've also released a patch to help Gtk2-0.94 link on win32, and put up a new how to for people interested in writing their own bindings. please help up find bugs, so we can hit 1.0 in the next couple of weeks!

8 aug 03, muppetman: Gtk2-0.93, a beta/maintenance release, is now available on the the project page, and we've updated the docs accordingly. more noticably, i rearranged the releases page, which was very confusingly done, to be more sensible. if you were subscribed to gtk2-perl-xs, you will no longer geet release notices!

1 aug 03, muppetman: beta 0.92 releases for Gtk2 and Glib are now available on the sf download page. this rev fixes several minor bugs, but also adds a spiffy new class, Gtk2::SimpleList. i also updated the documentation page.

25 jul 03, muppetman: beta 0.91 releases for Gtk2 and Glib fix several bugs and missing functions; new releases for Gnome2 and Glade fix some version dependency snafus in the last release. Many thanks to the testers, keep the bug reports coming! grab the latest releases!

18 jul 03, muppetman: Gtk2 and Glib have moved to version 0.90 as a sign that they are on the home stretch for 1.0. We need testers to shake out the bugs, so grab the latest releases!

5 jul 03, muppetman: Gtk2-Perl 0.26 released on sourceforge and CPAN

28 jun 03, muppetman: due to the cvs difficulties of late, i've put a snapshot of the code with bleeding edge changes to Glib::Object; please grab it from the betas directory and test it out, and report any bugs.

26 jun 03, muppetman: until august, sourceforge is running anonymous CVS on a backup server that is supposedly up to 24 hours old, but in fact it's a week old. this means that nothing recent appears in cvsweb, the daily snapshots, or pserver cvs access. i'm sorry, but there's really nothing we can do about this.

22 jun 03, muppetman: Gtk2-Perl 0.24 released on sourceforge and CPAN