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Gtk2-Perl on Win32

There are two ways to use gtk+ on win32:

Native Win32
The native GDI port of gtk+ uses Win32 directly. Since it links against Microsoft's C runtime, to use the native Win32 stuff, you'll need to use ActiveState's Perl (or some other native win32 perl); binaries and compilation instructions are available from this page.

The X11 targeted gtk+ runs on win32 under cygwin and requires an X server. To use gtk2-perl with the X version of gtk+, you need cygwin's perl, and you can get gtk2-perl from the cygwin-ports project:


Cut to the chase, show me the binaries! Check out Mario Fischer's Gtk2-Perl site. It provides installation instructions and a PPM repository. Paul Miller provides another PPM repository which seems to be more up-to-date currently. The old "official" repository is also still available if you're looking for older binaries.

There's also a project that provides one installer for everything you'll need: Camelbox.


Compiling from source on windows is no fun, but it is doable. You need Microsoft's compiler, cl.exe, and nmake.exe, since those are the tools used to build ActiveState's perl.exe. Compilers known to work: MSVC6, MSVC7, and the free non-optimizing compiler from (link?).

How to build gtk2-perl on win32, by Tyler Hepworth

old but not entirely outdated info